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 “An active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence.”

There is no official definition of wellness – meaning it’s definition will differ depending on who you ask.  Despite its’ many definitions, one thing is for certain, it is a process that must be undertaken by the individual who wants to live a healthy, fulfilling life – not one simply void of disease or illness.

Dimensions of Wellness:

1.  Physical Dimension – Improving one’s physical or bodily health by proper nutrition and hydration, regular physical activity, avoidance of harmful habits, adequate sleep, and appropriate healthcare - such as chiropractic.

2.  Emotional Dimension – Understanding  your own feelings, fully accepting your limitations, continually striving to achieve emotional stability regardless of situations or stressors, and becoming comfortable with your emotions.

3.  Intellectual Dimension – Continually stimulating your mind through meaningful interactions with the world and beneficial knowledge or education. 

4.  Social Dimension - Relating well to others both within and outside of the family unit, community, and culture. 

5.  Spiritual Dimension – Seeking understanding as to the meaning of life and its purpose –as well as our own.  Realizing and reflecting on our purpose and the ethics, values and morals that guide us and give meaning and direction to our lives.

6.  Occupational Dimension – Finding personal satisfaction through your work in order to gain purpose, happiness and enrichment in your life.

Many healthcare professionals have become way  too focused on patient’s physical health to the exclusion of the other factors or dimensions that contribute to a person’s true health and happiness.  As a chiropractor, Dr. Brooks recognizes the importance of physical health!  Through chiropractic care, nutritional counseling, recommendations for lifestyle modifications, and diagnostic testing, Dr. Brooks works with her patients to help them achieve optimal health and wellness.

However, she also realizes and graciously accepts the fact that many patients will need further assistance on their wellness journey and thus continually reaches out to connect and network with other healthcare professionals who offer such services.

Call us at 614-784-9355 today to begin your wellness journey!

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