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"Wellness Chiropractic" services (also known as maintenance care) is meant to prevent future relapses or episodes of back pain.  It is often recommended for those who have improved with chiropractic care to maintain their current level of well-being after active care has been completed. Although somewhat uncommon, some chiropractic patients enter into the chiropractic health care system as wellness patients.  These wellness patients seek out chiropractic care prior to injury or pain. Therefore, this type of care is also known as Preventative Care. This care requires periodic check-up visits in order to prevent future relapses and/or maintain the health status that was achieved during active care. Maintenance care visits are usually anywhere from 2 weeks intervals to 3 month intervals, although most patients would ideally benefit from monthly chiropractic check-ups to stay in optimal health and wellness. The insurance industry considers maintenance/wellness/preventative chiropractic care to be "not-medically necessary" and therefore does not cover these types of visits - similar to your car insurance not covering oil changes and tune-ups which are required for proper vehicle maintenance.  Therefore, these types of visits are cash services or the financial responsibility of the patient.

Wellness Visits in our office consist of chiropractic adjustments of pre-examined spinal or extra-spinal (shoulders, wrists, knees, etc) regions.  Physical therapy services are not included. 

It is important to note that in the event a person's condition deteriorates and thus requires additional care, wellness care would no longer be applicable. 


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