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Trigger Point Therapy


Myofascial trigger point therapy, also known as “trigger point therapy,” is often a necessary component to any treatment plan aimed at reducing muscle or joint pain.  Trigger points are highly irritable localized spots of exquisite tenderness or a nodule in a palpable taut band of muscle tissue.”  Simply put, trigger points are small areas within in a muscle that can potentially cause a lot of pain…and not necessarily at the exact location of the trigger point.  While muscle and joint pain are two of the most common symptoms, trigger points may also be the cause of:

  •  Tension headaches
  •  Migraine headaches
  •  Sinus pain
  •  Jaw pain
  •  Earache
  •  Sore throat
  •  Menstrual pain
  •  Numbness and tingling

Common causes of trigger points are: overuse of a group of muscles, poor physical condition (being overweight or out of shape), abnormal posture, trauma, and stress or tension. 

If you are currently experiencing pain (recent or chronic), it is very likely that trigger points are present.  Contact our Columbus office today to schedule an appointment to see if trigger point therapy may make your pain go away!

Dr. Willena Brooks is a Columbus, OH chiropractor specializing in the chiropractic care, nutritional counseling, physical therapy, and prenatal chiropractic for women to treat conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, low back pain related to pregnancy, and headaches to the following locations: Columbus, OH, Clintonville OH, Worthington OH, and Northwest Columbus.